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This week in health & well-being (week of January 10)

Published 28 January 2011 | Article by Excerpta Medica


This week in health & well-being (week of January 10)

GetInsideHealth.com brings you a brief round-up of newly published research, and other healthcare news:

Email-based telemedicine reviewed
Researchers at the Centre for Online Health, at the University of Queensland, Australia, have summarized the evidence relating to email-based telemedicine in a newly published review paper. Their findings, based on an analysis of 185 published papers, include the observation that email-based telemedicine has a wide range of potential applications, in primary consultation, second-opinion consultation, telediagnosis (including applications in image-based specialties such as dermatology, pathology, wound care, and ophthalmology, where digital images can be attached to emails), and administration (such as referrals). They highlight the need in certain instances for tailored email software, rather than ordinary email, to support telemedicine services (Caffery LJ, Smith AC. Stud Health Technol Inform. 2010;161:20-34).

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